Application Examples

The interactive VR simulation environment can be flexibly adapted to different applications.

Two room model

This example involves a room model with a floor area of 6 m x 6 m and a height of 3 m, which can be a height of 3 m, which can be partially or completely divided into two separate rooms, which can also be air-conditioned differently. The right-hand half of the room has an almost completely glazed façade with a high potential for daylight utilization, while the left half of the room has a very small window.

Example of a two room model with individual room usage (Source: UdK Berlin)

In the ceiling area, there are two artificial light sources per half of the room, one close to the facade and one at a greater depth in the room. Both side walls can be fully thermally conditioned in the model in order to create the feeling of radiant heat or radiant cold in VR in addition to the perception of a small and very warm surface (radiator).

Rooftop Building

This example shows a digital twin of a solar research building (Rooftop-Gebäude). The video demonstrates the interaction of the user of the VR simulation with the adaptive facades of the building model: