Thermal Room Model

The thermal room model of the interactive VR simulation environment is implemented in Modelica based on the BuildingSystems model library and includes the environment model with the climatic boundary conditions, the model for energy balancing of the room and the UDP interface models to Unity und openHAB.

Thermal Modelica room model with interfaces to the interactive VR model in Unity and to the climate chamber controlled via openHAB to reproduce the simulated room climate (Source: UdK Berlin)

The Modelica model runs in parallel in real time to the operation of the climate chamber and provides the data for reproducing the simulated indoor climate (air and radiation temperature, humidity, air velocity through room openings, solar radiation through transparent facades, ...) inside the climate igloo. Certain parameters of the Modelica model can change dynamically as a result of user interaction, e.g. the position of the user in the room, the opening status of the windows or the set temperatures for heating and cooling.