The BIM2Modelica software package in combination with the BuildingSystems library enables a toolchain from BIM models to automatically generated Modelica thermal building models (the used method for the templated based Modelica code generation is described in NytIndKauMucRädThoTug2017 and NytRädThoTug2019).


  • Reads and checks BIM models in the IFC2x3 format.
  • Automatic generation of multi-zone building models based on CoTeTo and Mako.
  • Simulation of the generated building model with JModelica or Dymola.
Image source: UdK Berlin

1. BIM Model

BIM model of a simple building model with two thermal zones.

Image source: UdK Berlin

2. CoTeTo tool for code generation

CoTeTo (Code Templating Tool) reads the IFC File and generates the Modelica multi-zone building model. For this purpose, the IFC_MultiZoneBuilding_Modelica code generator has to be selected.

Image source: UdK Berlin

3. Generated Modelica building model

Generated Modelica code of the thermal building model (zones, building elements, connections ...).

Image source: UdK Berlin

4. Simulation with JModelica

Python script to perform the simulation experiment with JModelica.

Image source: UdK Berlin

5. Simulation results

Simulation results for a year (above: ambient and room temperatures, below: heating loads).