System Simulation

The BuildingSystems library supports a detailed modelling of real building energy systems. The structure, the physical behavior and the functionality of a real system can be reflected by a so called "Digital Twin" (The used method is described in NytKauKha2018).


  • Good understanding of complex building energy systems by using sub models on multiple hierarchy levels.
  • Use of virtual sensors for comparisons with the real technical system.
Image source: Team Rooftop

Real technical system

Rooftop building from the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.

Image source: UdK Berlin

"Digital Twin" of the real system

Virtual model of the Rooftop building

Image source: UdK Berlin

Building Energy System Model

Building energy system model and its sub models (building, HVAC, PV system ...).

Image source: UdK Berlin

Building (sub model)

Building model and its sub models (building zones and construction elements).

Image source: UdK Berlin

HVAC System (sub model)

HVAC system model and its sub models (heat pump, floor heatings, cooling ceilings, solar thermal system).

Image source: UdK Berlin

PV System (sub model)

Photovoltaic system model and its sub models (fixed and one-axis tracked PV modules).

Image source: UdK Berlin

Simulation results

Simulation results for a winter period of the Rooftop system model.