System Simulation

The BuildingSystems library supports a detailed modelling of real building energy systems. The structure, the physical behavior and the functionality of a real system can be reflected by a so called "Digital Twin" (The used method is described in NytKauKha2018).


  • Good understanding of complex building energy systems by using sub models on multiple hierarchy levels.
  • Use of virtual sensors for comparisons with the real technical system.
Image source: Team Rooftop

Real technical system

Rooftop building from the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.

Image source: UdK Berlin

"Digital Twin" of the real system

Virtual model of the Rooftop building at the ground level and at the roof level of an old Berlin town house

Image source: UdK Berlin

Building Energy System Model

Building energy system model and its sub models (building, HVAC, PV system ...).

Image source: UdK Berlin

Building (sub model)

Building model and its sub models (building zones and construction elements).

Image source: UdK Berlin

HVAC System (sub model)

HVAC system model and its sub models (heat pump, floor heatings, cooling ceilings, solar thermal system).

Image source: UdK Berlin

PV System (sub model)

Photovoltaic system model and its sub models (fixed and one-axis tracked PV modules).

Image source: UdK Berlin

Simulation results

Simulation results for a winter period of the Rooftop system model.